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How Much Pain Should I Expect After Facial Rejuvenation Surgery?

facial- rejuvenation-OCThe degree of discomfort following any facial rejuvenation surgery will be dependent on a variety of different elements. First and foremost, the number of procedures being performed – whether it’s a facelift by itself or perhaps a facelift combined with a brow lift and/or eyelid surgery – can have a large influence on postoperative discomfort. Additionally, one’s overall tolerance for pain can greatly factor into the equation. In general, however, I would not go so far as to describe the recovery process for facial rejuvenation as painful, but more so what you expect to experience when you’re out of sorts from having the flu.

There are three things I often employ after facial rejuvenation surgery that can help reduce postoperative discomfort while producing better results, quicker healing, and fewer complications. The first is the use of the Aqua Cool mask, which circulates cold water through a special mask placed over the face. This not only helps diminish inflammation by cooling tissues in the treatment area, but it can also decrease pain and facilitate healing. Secondly, I like to use oxygen therapy to deliver more oxygen to the small blood vessels of the face – a technique that can also speed up healing as well as yield better scars. Lastly, I will often utilize tissue glue that seals the operated area in order to accelerate lymphatic drainage and expedite the recovery process.

Dr. Dan Mills, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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