Breast Implant Removal

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular aesthetic surgery procedures in the world. The right breast implants can enhance shape, add volume, and improve symmetry to produce natural-looking results and beautiful new contours. With that in mind, some patients eventually decide that they no longer want breast implants, and some may need to have them removed due to unsatisfactory results from another surgeon or complications that may have arisen. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Daniel C. Mills, MD, can design a customized treatment plan to effectively remove your implants using advanced surgical techniques.

What Are Some Common Reasons for Breast Implant Removal?

There are many reasons women may be interested in breast implant removal. Those in need of this procedure typically fall into one or more of these categories:

In some cases, patients may be better suited for a breast implant exchange. Patients who opt for an implant exchange procedure are often those who:

In the event of a potential implant rupture, Dr. Mills uses state-of-the-art technology to conduct a breast implant rupture ultrasound. This test enables him to clearly see even very small ruptures and determine the next steps to address the issue.

Please note that if you are a current patient, Dr. Mills will take $1,000 off of your physician’s fee for the implant exchange.

What Will My Breasts Look Like After Breast Implant Removal?

If you are interested in completely removing your implants without replacing them after they have been in place for many years, there is a possibility that your skin will have stretched. You may also notice a drooping or sagging effect. Dr. Mills may recommend additional procedures if necessary, such as a breast lift, to address these issues and restore a youthful and firm breast appearance.

What Does the Breast Implant Removal Procedure Involve?

As there are several reasons women need implant removal surgery, there are different ways to perform the surgery. If you are exchanging the implants for newer implant models, Dr. Mills will likely remove the current implants and place the new ones in the same procedure. For complete removal without replacement, Dr. Mills will utilize the best technique for your particular needs. In any case, breast implant removal procedures are typically performed in an outpatient setting without the need for a hospital stay. During your initial consultation, our plastic surgeon will discuss the procedure with you in detail and determine the best surgical option for your needs.

What Can I Expect After Breast Implant Removal?

The recovery process will ultimately depend on your overall state of health, your unique response to the procedure, and the techniques utilized for breast implant removal. In general, patients can expect to feel a bit sore for the first few weeks after surgery, especially when lifting or moving the arms; however, many individuals are able to resume some of their normal daily routines within just a few days. With that in mind, strenuous exercises and activities should be avoided for at least six weeks, or as recommended by Dr. Mills in the individual post-operative guidelines. Swelling and bruising in the breast areas should fade over the next several weeks. Pain medication may be prescribed as needed to control discomfort during this time. Dr. Mills may also provide a compression garment to wear during the healing process.

How Much Does Breast Implant Removal Cost?

The cost of breast implant removal varies considerably due to numerous factors that are unique to each patient’s needs and goals. During your consultation, a member of our plastic surgery team will determine the overall price as part of your personalized treatment plan. We strive to accommodate your financial needs to the best of our ability, and we accept numerous convenient forms of payment. In certain cases, insurance may cover part of the costs, depending on the specifics as to why the implants are being removed. We also work with PatientFi™, a third-party financing company that can help qualified applicants pay for their treatment in a series of installments. We will be happy to answer your questions regarding the best payment options for your needs.

Does Insurance Cover Breast Implant Removal?

Some insurance plans may offer partial or full coverage for breast implant removal surgery; however, the coverage will depend on the particulars of the procedure and why it is necessary. A member of our team can talk with you more about the possibility of insurance coverage and assist with any questions you may have.

How to Choose the Best Breast Implant Removal Surgeon

Because breast implant removal is a major surgery, the surgeon who performs the procedure should be considered very carefully in order to find a doctor who is highly qualified, skilled, and experienced. We recommend conducting extensive research into the prospective surgeon’s educational history and credentials, exploring before-and-after galleries, and reading patient testimonials before you make your final decision.

Dr. Daniel Mills, one of the top plastic surgeons in Laguna Beach, is not only certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), but is also the former president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). He created the Aesthetic Neural Network (ANN), an advanced data collection system for plastic surgeons; has served on several different distinguished boards; and has earned a reputation not only for his groundbreaking work and innovations, but also for his devotion to patient-doctor relationships and compassionate care.

For more information on breast implant removal surgery, or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office today.