Tummy Tuck

There are three main issues that commonly prompt patients to inquire about tummy tuck surgery: extra fat in the midsection, excess skin above and/or below the belly button, and a loss of abdominal wall integrity from muscles having been stretched beyond their normal limits. Often caused by factors such as pregnancy, significant weight loss, or simply genetics, these three issues frequently prove to be resistant to even the most nutritional diets and stringent exercise routines.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

body copyTummy tuck surgery, medically referred to as abdominoplasty, is designed to remove excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen while also tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall for a flatter, more toned stomach. While liposuction on its own can be an excellent solution for the removal of extra fat surrounding the midsection, the excision of excess skin below and/or above the belly button will generally require a mini-abdominoplasty or a full abdominoplasty, respectively.

Ultimately, the key to tummy tuck surgery is to match patient expectations with the proper procedural plan. About 60% of the time, this includes combining liposuction with either abdominoplasty procedure in order to achieve the most beautiful, natural-looking results.

Tummy Tuck surgery can help you achieve a flatter, firmer stomach. Visit our before and after photo gallery to view our results. If you would like more information about body contouring procedures that we offer, please contact Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Institute.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Mills for My Tummy Tuck?

The experience and skill of a surgeon is often directly correlated with the quality of results that are able to be achieved through tummy tuck surgery. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Daniel Mills has received specialized surgical training and actively undergoes continuing education courses that enable him to learn and employ only the most ethical and effective abdominoplasty techniques. His extensive medical background and surgical expertise serve to benefit patients as he has consistently been able to achieve optimal tummy tuck results throughout his distinctive career.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

No matter the cause for excess skin and fat buildup in the abdominal region, tummy tuck surgery can provide a number of different benefits. Some key benefits of abdominoplasty may include:

Ultimately, tummy tuck surgery can help you achieve a flatter, more youthful-looking contour for your midsection.

Tummy Tuck Options

At our practice, Dr. Mills offers three different tummy tuck options: liposuction only, mini-abdominoplasty, and full abdominoplasty. Each technique is outlined below.

Liposuction Only

This option is typically most beneficial if you have good skin elasticity but excess abdominal fat. With this technique, Dr. Mills will utilize liposuction to remove excess fat in the abdominal region without excising any skin.


This option is often most beneficial if you have a buildup of excess skin and fat from the belly button down, as well as no laxity of skin above the belly button. Dr. Mills typically utilizes this technique for women who have a hysterectomy or C-section scar with a little “pooch” above the scar.

Full Abdominoplasty

This option is generally most beneficial if you have a substantial amount of excess skin both above and below the belly button. With a full abdominoplasty, Dr. Mills can often remove fat and tighten lax abdominal muscles while concealing incisions along the bikini line.


During your initial consultation, Dr. Mills will help you determine which tummy tuck technique can most effectively achieve your goals. On your day of your procedure, you should allow approximately three to four hours for your surgery. From the moment that you enter our facility, you will be cared for by our experienced surgical team which includes Dr. Mills, a nurse anesthetist, a registered nurse, and surgical technician. This group is committed to providing you with the best care possible from the time you are admitted to the moment you are discharged.

Post-Operative Information

Following your procedure, Dr. Mills feels it is safer to stay at an overnight facility with a post-operative care nurse the first night in order to decrease complications and increase your level of comfort. You can typically expect some swelling and/or bruising to occur in the days following your operation, and any discomfort can generally be diminished with medication or a special pain pump provided by Dr. Mills. Normal activities can often be resumed after about two to four weeks, but it is recommended that you refrain from strenuous exercise for at least three to four weeks. Any scarring from surgical incisions should begin to fade after about nine to twelve months.

Throughout your recovery process, Dr. Mills and our staff will be happy to do anything in our power to help ensure you heal as quickly, comfortably, and effectively as possible.

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