When many men and women consider cosmetic enhancement through plastic surgery, they do so as a chance to increase their self-confidence and improve their lives. Because this is typically the case, plastic surgeon Daniel C. Mills, MD appreciates the desire for his patients to improve themselves, therefore he provides patient financing options so his services, sometimes not covered by insurance, are available to everyone.


PatientFi™ is an innovative health, beauty, and wellness care financing company that offers personalized financing plans for patients who qualify. PatientFi™ strives to provide access to affordable financing packages with a unique way of determining eligibility for applicants. Credit scores are not the only factors taken into account; in fact, PatientFi™ analyzes many variables in addition to FICO scores to formulate a fair idea of an individual’s qualifications for a loan. The online application process is quick, and financing terms are flexible so that qualified applicants can choose from a variety of plans that can comfortably fit their budget.

Developed by some of the nation’s top plastic surgeons, PatientFi™ is designed to put the patient’s interests first. This agency is also known for its high approval rates and commitment to providing helpful loan management tools.


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