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Skin Care Treatments

Healthy, radiant skin is desired by many men and women. Unfortunately, three unavoidable elements that have an extremely detrimental effect on the skin are environmental factors, genetics, and stress. To help patients combat these common concerns and their effects on the skin, Dr. Daniel C. Mills and his experienced aestheticians offer a wide range of skin care treatments, including top-of-the-line beauty and skin care products.

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Complimentary Skin Evaluation

A comprehensive assessment providing information about the best and most effective treatments, procedures and products available for your skin.


Removes a think layer of skin freeing impacted debris from the pores by method of enzyme of dermaplaning. Followed with a range of lactic to AHA or glycolic acid. Helps lessen the appearance of fine lines, brown spots and acne scars.

Micropeel Plus

A light chemical exfoliation by use of salicylic acid. Ideal for acne skin types and helps even out skin discoloration. Limited down time.


The VIPEEL can help improve of tone and clarity of the skin, it helps reduce brown spots including Melasma, reduces size of of pores, and stimulates of collagen and elastin for firmer skin. The VI Peel is also helpful for the improvement of acne conditions with minimal downtime.


This non-surgical crystal free treatment gently polishes and refines the skin while promoting new cell growth. Excellent for acne scars and environmental damage. A micropeel is included. For best results, a series of 6 treatments is recommended.

Glycolic Hand Treatment

A glycolic peel is applied to the hands and then exfoliated with an Epicuren microdermabrasion cream scrub. Helps to rapidly slough away dead skin cells to rejuvenate and soften. Excellent for brown age spots.

Resorcinol Peel

A less aggressive treatment than TCA. A classic skin freshening peel with some down time. Great for refining pores and reducing pigmentation. Also good for lightening age spots on hands.

Obagi Blue Peel/TCA Peel

A more aggressive treatment to improve the appearance of early signs of aging and sun damage. Excellent for smoothing the skins texture from acne scars and pigmentation problems. Can be performed on several areas of the body including hands, arms, neck and chest.

Levulan Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Photodynamic treatments remove pre-cancerous spots. In addition, PDT reduces oil producing sebaceous cells and is an effective treatment for acne.

Cosmelan/Cosmelan MD Treatment

The cosmelan depigmentation treatment offers lightening to visible skin discolorations caused by: sun exposure, aging, hormonal fluctuations due to pregnancy or menopause and trauma to the skin such as acne. Minimal downtime.

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