Correcting Breast Implant Asymmetry without Revision Surgery

shoelace-breast-augmentationSecond to capsular contracture, implant displacement is one of the most commonly reported complications following breast augmentation surgery (though both of these postoperative issues are rare in my personal experience). Traditionally, breast asymmetry resulting from implant malposition has often required breast revision surgery to correct; however, at my practice, I have developed an innovative technique designed to correct certain asymmetries without surgery. This technique is called the shoelace “breast cast.”

The ideal type of shoelaces for this technique are two wide-bodied, flat laces about 54 inches in length. Once tied together, the shoelaces are draped around the neck and down the center of the chest where they are knotted just above the inframammary crease. They are then wrapped underneath each inframammary fold before being crossed behind the back, wrapped below each fold once more, and tied in a knot.

Placing shoelaces underneath the inframammary fold of the breast early in the postoperative period can often reduce the appearance of a “double bubble,” correct breast asymmetry, and decrease projection of the lower pole of the breast. Additionally, the shoelace “breast cast” also helps to support the weight of the breasts as the new inframammary crease sets in an ideal position during the healing process. Overall, the combination of these advantages may eliminate the need for breast revision surgery should asymmetry caused by implant displacement be the issue.

Dr. Daniel Mills, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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