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Vaser® Shape

If you are dissatisfied with certain areas of your body and want to achieve a slimmer, firmer appearance, VASER® Shape could be just what you are looking for. This non-surgical treatment can help firm and shape your body, in addition to reducing signs of cellulite. VASER® Shape can provide you with an innovative alternative to other body shaping techniques and produce outstanding results to help you achieve a more contoured figure. This advanced technique uses high-frequency sound waves to diminish the appearance of cellulite in a non-invasive procedure that often results in little to no recovery time.

What VASER® Shape Can Do For You

VASER-ShapeVASER® Shape is a spa-like treatment that uses massage therapy and ultrasound technology to smooth and contour different areas of your body. VASER® Shape can also offer reduction in the appearance of cellulite, a very common condition among women. In addition, the procedure can help increase your metabolism by stimulating blood circulation in the treatment areas. VASER® Shape is often used in conjunction with liposuction procedures to help minimize pain and swelling during the recovery process. Studies have also shown that patients can see better results when using VASER® Shape following liposuction compared to receiving liposuction alone. VASER® Shape is used to treat a variety of areas, including:

During your initial consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dan Mills, he will answer all of your questions and create a customized treatment plan for your needs.

VASER® Shape Procedure

VASER® Shape is composed of two types of treatment: ultrasound therapy and zonal lymphatic massage. These techniques are designed to help metabolism and promote the drainage of excess fats, stimulate the lymphatic system, and ultimately smooth and shape the areas targeted for treatment. VASER® Shape can be performed in-office and requires no anesthesia. This treatment can be very beneficial in combination with liposuction, enhancing contours in the target areas and allowing for an even better aesthetic result.

A typical treatment schedule includes one combined massage and ultrasound treatment per week and one zonal massage therapy session per week. The total treatment time is generally within three to five weeks.

“I had to email about the VaserShape treatment. The tissue on my abdomen was a ‘thorn in my side’, but VaserShape has ‘shown me the light’! I saw a difference in only one treatment and can not wait to follow up with more. The time it took, the price, and most importantly the end result are completely worth it! Thank you so much.”*

*Individual Results May Vary

VASER® Shape Recovery

The recovery time varies based on the number and size of the targeted areas. Generally, patients are able to return to daily activities immediately after the first treatment session. Your skin may look slightly pink right after the procedure, but this usually goes away within a few hours. However, exact details of recovery will depend on whether you have VASER® Shape treatments in combination with other procedures, such as liposuction.

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